Merck Former Chief of Vaccine Division Admits Vaccines are Contaminated.

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Dr. Hilleman the head of the Vaccine Division at Merek and who developed the Polio, Mumps, Rubella and Measles vaccines, said: “Vaccines are the bargain basement technology of the 20th century.”

In the taped interview (with about 6 Merck executives in the room, their nervous laughter audible in the tape) Dr. Hilleman explains how in his search for uninfected monkeys, Merck imported green monkeys from Africa. Those monkeys, it turned out, were carrying the AIDS virus:  “I didn’t know we were importing AIDS.” Responding to the question, “so, it was you who introduced the AIDS virus to this country?” He said, YES.

Dr. Hilleman also acknowledged that he discovered that the Sabine polio vaccine (manufactured by Merck) was infected with the SV-40 cancer virus. In the process of developing vaccines Merck scientists are shown to blithely disregard public safety as they conducted massive tests exposing millions of unsuspecting people to wild viruses. Dr. Hilleman acknowledged that the cancer infected polio vaccine had been tested in massive field trials in Russia, then in the U.S.

The issues raised in this candid interview raise serious doubts about the propaganda the public has been fed about the safety of vaccines.  Vaccines that have been promoted as “safe and effective” miraculous cures have been infecting millions of people with cancer, leukemia, and AIDS. Recent pathology tests on cancerous tumors in humans contain the SV40 virus.

  The video was posted on You Tube, but has since been removed, but you can watch a censored version  here;

This shows another blatent disregard for medical ethics. And the “BADSCIENCE” bloggers would have us believe that homeopaths are not following a code of ethics only because we claim that homeopathy can facilitate cure!!

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