Homeopathy and Hypertyroidism

Homeopathy and Hyperthyroidism

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This post was sent to me via e-mail:   

I wanted you to post this account of my Hyperthyroidism on your blog. People need to understand that homeopathy DOES work. If it was not for homeopathy I would no longer have a thyroid and I would be on medication for the rest of my life.  

In October of 1997 my Dr. diagnosed me with hyperthyroidism. She had done a blood test and my TSH was low and my T3 and T4 were 4 times normal. She was angry with me because I decided to see my homeopath. She warned me I could have a “thyroid storm” and blow out my heart. She finally agreed, but she wanted to monitor me every couple of weeks.   

I went to my homeopath and related my symptoms: Ravenous and extreme hunger, I was eating constantly, but losing weight. I lost 20 pounds in two months.  I was experiencing extreme heat. I could go outside in freezing temperatures with no coat and it would feel refreshing! It was hard to sit still. I was constantly doing something. I was extremely restlessness and with anxiety. I felt like I was constantly buzzing around the house. I felt as though I would jump out of my skin. I had a hard time sleeping. I could not sleep very long, but when I slept it was the sleep of the dead. I was agitated at the least little thing. I was irritable and impatient with the kids, my husband, the people in the grocery store! I was snapping at everyone and it was just not like me at all. I was afraid because it was like this thing was taking me over. I was afraid it was going to kill me.  

My thyroid was tender and swollen. 

My homeopath suggested I take the remedy Iodum in a 200c potency, two times 6 hours apart.  

One week later I was so much calmer. I was able to sleep longer at a time and I was a lot less restless. The heat and my appetite had reduced and I was less irritable and more patient. I went to see my Dr. 2 weeks later and she was impressed by the improvement in my symptoms, but wanted to check my blood levels. The first blood test results the TSH was still low, but the Thyroxine was significantly reduced. My Dr. wanted another blood test in two weeks.  

Two days later I started feeling the symptoms coming back I was hot, restless and agitated. I called my homeopath and her suggestion was to re-dose with the Iodum 200c one time. I did and with in a day I was feeling much better again.  

The results of the next blood test, 2 weeks later, were better. The TSH was rising and Thyroxine was still dropping although neither was within normal range.I called my homeopath with the results, but with in two days my symptoms began to return again. We thought the relapse of the symptoms might have something to do with getting my blood drawn, so my homeopath decided I should take the remedy with in a couple of hours of the testing. That worked very well and by January of 1998 my blood levels had returned to normal and I was symptom free. My Dr. was completely amazed and has never question my use of homeopathy since. To this day I have not had any recurrence of the hyperthyroid symptoms and life is good!!   

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