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Sorry I have been gone for a few months, but family, work and the US election have been taking up all of my time. I have been poking around at the usual blogs of Gimpy, Andy, Ben, and the like…… and I have started to realize that they have TOO much time on their hands! Almost an OBSESSION with defamation of homeopathy (something a good remedy could help with!). It reminds me of the Shakespeare quote, “Me thinks thy doth protest too much”!

All of that aside, I believe that their rhetoric is soon to fail, just like the current US government. You can talk and talk and talk, but when the world around you starts to fall you have got to eventually look at the truth. The world as we know it HAS to change. The world financial markets are showing us that business can no longer be done as usual and that includes health care and government. Gimpy on his blog states he is in “despair”  because homeopaths are working in Ghana and is not sure how to go about stopping our “blatantly dangerous woo-mongering”. All I can say is; Gimpy, if you are in despair because of homeopaths working in the world to make a change for the better, you need to look at what is REALLY going on. I live in the US and drug companies OWN television, they campaign and campaign and feed on fear with NO promise of solutions (listen to the list of side effects), much like the republican party. Much of the impetus of both the current government and the drug companies is greed, and Gimpy et al, if you do not think so, then you are poster children for Big-Pharma brainwashing. 

The success of the drug companies has less to do with weather their products workor not, it has EVERY thing to do with lobbyists and fear.  I can just hear Andy and Gimpy moaning as they read this…… they go again, but only an idiot would not recognize the corruption of the pharmaceutical companies. In contrast, lets look at the corruption of the homeopathic pharmacies of the world………..oh, hmmmmm. I can’t seem to find any corruption, why would that be? Perhaps because the homeopathic paradigma does not lie and cheat and kill to make lots of money, because their motivation is not greed. Their success is not quantified by money, it is about true health and healing! Huh…go figure.

(Sorry if the conversational tone of this post is not up to the usual articles of this blog, once in a while I just need to relax!)


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6 Responses to “Im Back………….”

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Helios a manufacturer of Homeopathy pills in the UK has recently removed their Malaria Officinalis from their web site and posted this disclaimer for their remaining products.
“Please note that any reference to a disease name does not indicate a treatment for this disease. Helios remedies are without therapeutic indications.”
Surely a sign of corruption, selling products prior to posting the disclaimer, in particular a product for the prevention and treatment of Malaria without any proof that it works, a fact recognized by Helios, following an investigation by the MHRA
agency in the UK.
In fact can any manufacturer of Homeopathic products, provide any trial data showing the validity of any claims made for their products.
Are you in any way comfortable with the sale of Homeopathic pills for the prevention or cure of Malaria, Dr Peter Fisher, whom I’m sure you know, the Queens Homeopath certainly isn’t. Isn’t the sale or promotion of any such product corrupt?

So it’s interesting to read about what motivates you and your politics. I think you and I probably share more in political sentiment than you might imagine. I am a raving liberal, though I think this means something slightly different in the UK than in the states. My starting point is always a desire to maximise freedom for the individual within the constraint of maximising freedom for everyone else.

I agree with you that big pharma behaves in some morally repugnant ways. I think something should be done about that. I will not apologise for them in any way. Unfortunate the argument “homeopathy is an effective medicine because big pharmacy is ethically dubious” is a non-secutor, homeopathy must stand or fall in its own right, on the evidence for its efficacy and nothing more.

Greed for money is not the only motivation that can lead one to overstate the case for something. I think homeopaths in general, are well meaning people with an overwhelming desire to cure and heal people, but who have bought into a system of healing with no merit. You pick out all the evidence that might suggest you are doing good in the world and ignore the overwhelming evidence that you are offering an effective placebo but nothing more.

Returning to big pharma, I’m afraid that whilst you think you are leading an attack on their excesses, you are actually a distraction from the real issues. The prevalence of CAM beliefs in the general population distorts their understating of scientific evidence and prevents the kind of scrutiny that would bring big pharma to book. You provide a smoke screen within which they can hide. If you did not exist they would need to invent you, as they have invented the nutritional supplement industry.

So to try to link my politics and views on CAM let me say this. The scientific community was slow to anger during the late nineties as CAM began to push itself into academic institutions and the medical profession. Even today most of the scientists I know are totally disinterested in homeopathy, they just recognise the nonsense and get on with their work. What I think is that the general public is intelligent and deserves to be treated with respect, but that it doesn’t maintain the kind of skills required to recognise CAM like homeopathy as so much hockum. If they are to make informed decisions then they need to have seen both sides of the argument and someone has to turn up to oppose homeopathy. Without information there can be no informed decision and by extension no freedom.

There is just one similarity between the generally left wing CAMsters like yourselves and the neo-cons of the previous republican administration. You accumulate the information that supports the view you have already taken rather than accruing all available information and then taking a view. Pursuit of both the Iraq war and a career in homeopathy are the result of the same cognitive malfunction.

As a point of interest. It is obviously dangerous to assume that conventional means bad and alternative means good. I have no doubt that there are people in the CAM community whose primary motive is maintaining cash flow. But i take exception to people assuming that observing successful treatments using homeopathy implies a closed mind. It is a closed mind that is unable to accept the available evidence of its efficacy. To go on about so called “high grade” trials that clearly cannot prove whether homeopathy works or not because they are not testing homeopathy. They are all simply testing a mongrle version. So the proof has to be based on the understanding of induvidualisation and observed outcomes. Has anyone anywhere ever bothered to ask how is it that a placebo response can produce a return of old symptoms, a progression of symptoms from the internal to the external and then from the top down. These can be observed in “good” quality treatment. They are also the signs that are used to assertain if a medicine has been correct prescription or not. So please can someone who is of “scientific” background explain to me how if it is a placebo these phenomena occur?

Derrki I could not disagree more with your attempt to link Homeopaths to the political perversion that was the “neocons” in American politics. The neocons were interested in the accumulation of extra-constitutional power and were OK with the subversion of constitutional liberties so that they could have enough “executive” action to start wars without too much discussion. They did and we are still suffering from the results. The neocons will slink back to their University chairs and think tank positions and await the next “opportunity” to subvert government thought they would never call it such. But Homeopathy is not about power – it is about the freedom to practice a system of medicine which in and of itself poses a grave threat to the profits of established systems – the idea that there can be healing and even cures without surgeries and without long committment to side effect ridden pharmaceuticals is a powerful one. The clinical evidence in favour of Homeopahty is overwhelming and there ARE most certainly even double blinded randomized placebo controlled tests which have already shown that for certain conditions it performs well above placebo level. The Lancet Shang et al article about Homeopathy being no better than placebo was attacked for its methodology even when it appeared in 2005 but has now been completely discredited – see THIS link for example

“This reconstruction casts serious doubts on the Lancet review, showing that it was based on a series of hidden judgments unfavourable to homeopathy. An open assessment of the current evidence suggests that homeopathy is probably effective for a number of conditions including allergies, upper respiratory tract infections and ‘flu, but more research is desperately needed. ”

Lüdtke R, Rutten ALB. The conclusions on the effectiveness of homeopathy highly depend on the set of analyzed trials. J Clin Epidemiol 2008. doi:10.1016/j.jclinepi.2008.06.015 Rutten ALB, Stolper CF. The 2005 meta-analysis of homeopathy: the importance of post-publication data. Homeopathy 2008. doi:10.1016/j.homp.2008.09.008.

I wish you would address my specific criticisms rather than justify the actions of homeopaths by referring to the misdeeds of others. Two wrongs don’t make a right. It is about time you realised this and learnt to engage with critics rather than disengage from reality.

I can’t seem to find any corruption, why would that be?
Perhaps there is far less, but where there is money, there is muck. There is starting to be money in Homeopathy, at least by big Pharma standards and there are the beginnings of corruption in Homeopathic pharmaceuticals. These are quite insidious at present but like oil on water will soon rise to the surface. Perhaps not while everyone is so preoccupied with proving Homeopathy. However, we must not forget that in every profession there are the genuine and false representatives. It is not a question of which profession, it is the fact that human beings are involved. Bodies are not a problem, it is they way they are run.
So let us stick to the way we run our “business”, and learn to be self-critical and improve from such process.
What good ever came from slagging one another off?

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