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Homeopathy worked for me is a campaign to preserve the right for consumers to choose their preferred form of health care. Recently Amy Lansky, a champion of homeopathy, wrote a compelling letter. I whole heartily agree with her appeal for everyone touched by homeopathy to continue to tell their success stories; feel free to post them on this blog!

Amy Lansky urges people to keep telling their stories .
If you receive the Society of Homeopaths newsletter, you would have read the quarterly column called “Letter from America” written by Amy Lansky.  She is a board member for the National Center for Homeopathy in the USA and also the author of Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy which is popular in America and has been translated into German, Greek and soon Arabic.

In a letter to homeopaths recently, Amy wrote:

One thing that has contributed to the success of my book are the stories in it — the story of how my son was cured of autism, along with dozens of other first-person homeopathic cure stories from people all over the world.  Stories make the world go round.  And it is stories that can help save homeopathy — because people will not allow something that can really help them to be taken away.  Very few people are moved by studies;  but nearly everyone is affected by someone’s personal experience. That’s what this campaign is all about.
I’m sure most of you are aware of the attacks on homeopathy going on in the UK. These attacks are starting to be felt here in the US as well.  All American homeopaths are acutely aware of how homeopathy was nearly destroyed at the beginning of the 20th century due to a concerted campaign by the allopathic machine.
All I can say is — NOW is the time to act to protect your right to practice homeopathy and the right of your patients to receive homeopathic treatment.  It is NOT a time for head-in-the-sand mentality.

However, your right to practice, your access to remedies, and your patients’ rights to health freedom may soon become jeopardized as well.  Just consider the growing efforts to harmonize practices and access to remedies with the EU and GTO rulings.  And let’s not forget the mounting effort of the medical-industrial complex to paint homeopathy as not only bogus but even dangerous.

Amy urges homeopaths and patients alike to speak up for homeopathy and to show support for Homeopathy Worked for Me.




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5 Responses to “Homeopathy Worked for Me”

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” ….And let’s not forget the mounting effort of the medical-industrial complex to paint homeopathy as not only bogus but even dangerous.”

Thanks for this Goodscience. I talk about this very topic in the blog: http://limpyblog.wordpress.com/

So before NHS managers, policy makers, opinion makers and the court of public opinion will be placed a bundle of scholarly work and RCT’s on one side and a bunch of anecdotes collected over the internet on the other?

You just aren’t making this hard enough to be really interesting.

Please put my link in

and See Homeopathy Page
Zeus Homoeopathy News

I’ve had great success with homeopathy. Just today I found a homeopathic cream for eczema which stopped the maddening itch where applied. I have had immediate relief using cantharsis 30x for sunburn and uti, and the uti was cured but had no responded to the antibiotics the doctor prescribed. I have given ipecac 30x for nausea with immediate relief in two instances, once to my mother who was dying with gangrene and was terribly nauseated, and then to my sister who was dying with cancer. I have many other times used remedies which had great success, and do not wish to waste my time with you, who are not open minded.

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